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30 September 2011 ~ View Comments

Fake Condoms That Make Us ROTFL

New Condoms makes corporate logos and slogans suddenly dirty by slapping them on condom wrappers. Here are some gems:

In-N-Out Burger:



How would you react if a guy pulled out one of these?

29 September 2011 ~ View Comments

Creepy Suitcase Sticker

What’s the quickest way to freak people out on your airplane flight? Slap a sticker of a gagged-and-bound woman on the outside of your suitcase.

The sticker was featured on the Today Show this morning, along with another product from called a “hickytat” that allows you to “brand the one you love” with epithets such as “Love Hurts” and “She’s Mine.”

So creepy.

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28 September 2011 ~ View Comments

Chris Brown Sucks Fan’s Knee Onstage

Chris Brown brought a fan onstage during a recent performance in Detroit, where he proceeded to grind, strip off his shirt, and kiss and suck  … her knee! Check out the video below. Do you think Chris went too far with his fan appreciation? Maybe he just has a secret knee fetish, LOL.

27 September 2011 ~ View Comments

“That’s a Parking Meter”

You know you need to take your “douchebag” boyfriend home when he stops flirting with you and starts flirting with a parking meter. As the next step states in the “douchebag” drinking guide, “Go the F*** home!”

23 September 2011 ~ View Comments

Bristol Palin Rides Mechanical Bull, Gets into Bar Fight

Bristol Palin was riding a mechanical bull at the Saddle Ranch in West Hollywood last night when a drunk guy started heckling her and dissing her mother, former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

The patron yelled “Your mother’s a whore!” Bristol marched up to him and got in a heated discussion. After the bargoer told Bristol he thought her mom was “evil,” she asked,” Is it because you’re a homosexual?” Bristol walked away and left the bar with her friends, followed by a bevy of reality TV cameras and shouts of “White trash Wasilla!” and “You f**king b*tch!”

The heckler was definitely out of line, but Bristol’s quip about his sexuality was uncalled for. Does she think that her mom is so hot that no straight man could possibly hate her? Watch the video below and decided for yourself if she handled the situation well.

22 September 2011 ~ View Comments

Charlie’s Angels Crew Member Fired after Groping Minka Kelly

A Charlie’s Angels crew member was fired in August after sexually harassing actress Minka Kelly. He reportedly slapped her on the butt on set while waving a $100 bill. Minka was so upset that when he tried to apologize the next day, she slapped him in the face. The show producers were none too pleased either, terminating his employment.

“It was just a misunderstanding,” said the former crew member. Hopefully the creep learned that women aren’t into being publicly treated like prostitutes by men they hardly know!

21 September 2011 ~ View Comments

Teen Bride Gets Reality Show

Courtney Stodden, 17-year-old bride of Lost actor Doug Hutchison, who is 34 years her senior, has just signed a deal to produce a reality show about the couple’s lives.

Stodden’s mother said, “They’re going to be very, very open about their lives. They want everybody to see their life. Nothing is off limits.”

More stuff like this creepy video, you say?

Oh, goody.

19 September 2011 ~ View Comments

Italian PM Brags about Sleeping with Eight Women in One Night

Silvio Berlusconi, the 74-year-old prime minister of Italy, is currently under investigation for allegedly using taxpayer money and government aircraft to jet around the country with prostitutes. Berlusconi was wire-tapped by investigators and transcripts of the taped conversations were leaked last weekend. Here are some of the gems that surfaced:

Oh, to pass the days with my babes; I’m just the prime minister in my spare time.

Last night I had a queue outside my door, there were 11 of them. I only managed to do eight of them, I couldn’t manage any more. You just can’t get round to all of them … But this morning I feel great, I’m pleased with my stamina.

Don’t bring tall girls because we [he and his other guests] are not tall.

Berlusconi also referred to a 29-year-old showgirl as “an old lady.”

What a d-bag!

16 September 2011 ~ View Comments

Lindsay Lohan: Still A Hot Mess

While out partying in NYC last night with her mother, Dina (anyone else creeped out by that?), Lindsay Lohan allegedly threw drinks at two other partygoers. One was Jaspin Rischen, an assigned photographer for V Magazine, sponsor of the party Lohan was attending. He later tweeted:

“Wow. Lindsay Lohan is as trashy as they always say,” he wrote. “She threw drinks and glasses to me as we tried to take a shot for @vmagazine. [bleep]”

Classy, as ever.

15 September 2011 ~ View Comments

How Not to Ask Someone Out

Check out this buyer feedback on eBay. LOL!

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