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06 August 2009 ~ Comments Off

11 Funny Strip Club Signs, and I’ve NEVER Worked at any of them

Via They’ve rounded up 11 hilarious strip club signs–most are intentional, but who names their place “Vaginas are Us?” Come on. I mean, that’s my screenname for my eHarmony ad, but no one seems to respond to it. Hm.

One of them is a local landmark here in Seattle: The Lusty Lady!


According to 11Points, the left-hand Latin text means “I came, I saw, I came.” The right-hand text is “At one’s pleasure, by one’s own hand.” Someone working there is obviously over-qualified.

Here’s another in case you’re a lazy ho:


Let me just say this: I HAVE NEVER WORKED HERE. The lady you know as “Hairy Rhonda” is a distant, similar-looking cousin of mine. Not me.


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