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04 August 2009 ~ View Comments

Worst Douchebag Voicemail Ever Heard

We tweeted about this dreamboat a couple days ago, but I had to post it here in case anyone hasn’t heard it. Some guy named Dimitri is leaving a voicemail for his date. I can’t say anything to describe the doucheyness contained inside. You’ll just have to listen for yourself. From:

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04 August 2009 ~ Comments Off

More About Britain’s Biggest Douche.

*VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE.* So we posted a video on our Facebook and Twitter feeds about the above man-monster who is known only as “Britain’s Biggest Douche.” Turns out the actual name of this monkey-faced douchetard is Scott Alexander, who is apparently rich (but spends most of it on getting more tan than an orangesicle). According [...]

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