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12 August 2009 ~ Comments Off

*Blam* More Photobombs

Our friend on Facebook, DiJ, gifted us with a couple more photobombs for your viewing pleasure. By the way, did you know we had a Facebook fan page? Fan us!



The classic “T-Rex” photobombing pose


Ruining a happy couple’s perfect photo.


“This girl? This girl got the clap”

12 August 2009 ~ Comments Off

I Want to go to There: Cutest Dog Competition

The Cutest Dog Competition has begun! I would like to purchase all of these dogs please. According to their site, there are one million dollars worth of prizes. The rules for entering seem pretty simple; for round one you just upload a color photograph of your dog here.

Here’s a video of week one’s winners. Prepare your best “oohing” and “awwing” voices.

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10 of the Worst Girl Drinks?

girls_drinking_corona.75142335_stdThe girls over at Heartless Doll take aim at some of the worst girl drinks of all time. And they target the cosmopolitan. HOW DARE THEY! What would Carrie say? Here’s their take:

“Much like cupcakes, Cosmo’s were–for many years–ruined for me by the show Sex and the City. It seemed like everyone with a vagina, from high-powered execs on Wall Street to mall chicks in Topeka, Kansas, was racing to their local bar as fast as they could in their four-inch spike heels for 5 years straight to order the damn things, stand around with their “favorite gals,” yuk it up and screech loudly about how much they’re lovin’ the single life and what “cads” anyone in possession of a penis who isn’t gay invariably ends up being. And it’s too bad, because the joke was on me: the ultimate chicktail of all time is more of a lady to contend with than any of the other lightweights on this list. Delicious, tart, crisp–and yes, a joy to behold–just like Carrie on her good days, the Cosmo goes down smooth without leaving a sugary aftertaste. Recipe (for disaster?): 2 oz. vodka, 1 oz. Cointreau, 1 oz. cranberry juice, 1 oz. lime juice. Mix ingredients in shaker with ice and strain into martini glass. Sip with your favorite “gal pals” and join me in getting over myself.”

I’m unconvinced. Rest of the article here.

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12 August 2009 ~ Comments Off

This Lady likes Walking way too Much

Please let me never encounter this lady at the mall. Self-titled “Happy Walker Girl” describes her passion for mall walking. Tomorrow she will go on a psycho-walking rampage through Forever 21, leaving a trail of  bruised tweens in her wake.

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11 August 2009 ~ Comments Off

Afternoon Laugh: Kitty vs. Pillow

I can’t help it, I’m addicted to cute cat videos. *Someone help me!*

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Girlfriend doesn’t know BF is on Vacation, goes Crazy

This is a gem. I usually post stuff about douchebag guys, but this is an interesting twist. This is a video of a girl who doesn’t listen to her boyfriend when he tells her he’s backpacking in Europe for a couple weeks. Insane emails follow.

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Frightening New Trend: Addiction to Pregnancy

babiesThis is probably the worst thing I’ve ever heard of: women who are addicted to pregnancy. Women’s Health explains it this way:

Thanks to the influx of feel-good hormones and fawning from friends, family, and perfect strangers, having a baby can make you feel like a superstar. The problem: for some women, wanting to recapture that adoration pushes them to procreate again…and again.

It is nice to be pampered all the time. The grocery store in my neighborhood has a pregnancy parking spot right next to the entrance. It’d be totally worth it for that.

Jezebel has the rest of the story, including a clip from the Today Show on MSNBC talking about the trend.

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11 August 2009 ~ Comments Off

Blog to Look at:

I *love* Fashionista’s Party Photos by Jeremy Kost. A small sample below. He takes photos of celebrity parties that are always so perfectly authentic, slightly faded and 80s. The rest of the site is all about fashion and celebrities, so go over there and say hi.


by Jeremy Kost via Fashionista


by Jeremy Kost via Fashionista

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Laptop Butt Olympics

I’m convinced this is fake:

The butt-catching seems to easy. Maybe he has a magnetic butt. Also, this would hurt a lot. I mean, that guy threw a laptop at his ass OFF A ROOF. Anyone think they know how they did it?

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10 August 2009 ~ Comments Off

Photobombing: Pictures Ruined by Creepers

photobombphotobombEver had a photo ruined by somebody in the background? Asylum has a huge photolist of “photobombers,” people who ruin pictures because they look gross, creepy or weird. I think my favorite is the picture to the right. She must’ve just farted or something.

Can’t get enough? Urlesque has some squirrel photobombs (they’re photoshopped).