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17 March 2011 ~ View Comments

Vodka & Potato Chips

Who wouldn’t want vodka and chips pre-packaged together?

17 March 2011 ~ View Comments


These photos were taken of Ke$ha at the beach. Some say she’s having an interesting day. We think she’s just an out of shape whack job. It’s bad enough when you’re bat shit crazy; she’s also got the body of a man from the waist down and a middle aged woman from the waist up. In case you were unaware, she’s only 24. There’s something to be said for women knowing their body type and dressing to flatter. Ke$ha you need to re-consider this choice.

Photos from:!5782204/keha-has-a-very-interesting-day-at-the-beach/gallery/1

17 March 2011 ~ View Comments

What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex – NOTHING

Yeah what is it that men think about? Apparently nothing besides sex.

Sheridan Simove pictured above is the book’s “writer” and being the creative genius that he is, he left the pages blank. The book “What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex” is a best seller and has outsold “The Da Vinci Code” on Amazon.

16 March 2011 ~ View Comments

YouTube – Here We Come!

Ms.Taken officially has our own YouTube channel now! Come check us out and watch our videos. We are so excited to be part of this community and look forward to building relationships with vloggers and gurus.

Do you have a favorite YouTube channel you think we should check out?

15 March 2011 ~ View Comments

College Bimbo Hates on Library Violators

This past weekend a ULCA student went on a racist rant in a video she posted on her YouTube account. Apparently she doesn’t like it when people of a certain race are constantly on their cell phones in the library. She even goes as far as mocking their language. In the beginning she says she’s in the library studying political science; this girl clearly is not the most politically correct, time sensitive one out there. We’d like to stamp a big “douche” on her forehead. Watch this:

14 March 2011 ~ View Comments


This soup is for sluts only! Not to mention it is “cheap, fast and easy!”

11 March 2011 ~ View Comments

Whiskey, Surfing & Attitude

This jacket could be perceived one of two ways: awesome sense of humor or TOTAL douchebag. Where would you pin this guy?

11 March 2011 ~ View Comments

Another Courtroom Clothing Fail for Lindsay

She sure knows how to repeatedly offend judges with her attire.

10 March 2011 ~ View Comments

Teeny Tiny Shooters

I had no clue these even existed, so I apologize in advance if this is old news, but I thought these were pretty weird. These pre-mixed cocktail pouches are available in four flavors: Lemon Drop, Cinnamon, Purple Hooter and Sour Apple. They are 50 mL and 40 proof.

What do you think lame or awesome?

I’m leaning towards lame (at least for those of us over 21). If I want a lemon drop I want an entire lemon drop, not a ketchup size pouch of a lemon drop. If I was trying to hide booze I would rather go with mini vodka bottle or even better the WineRack.

10 March 2011 ~ View Comments

To Catch A Douchebag

I just discovered this week and I am in love. The site features real messages from the online dating world. Here are some of their priceless finds. Have you encountered douchebags on dating sites?

Go check out their page and their wide array of featured douchebags.